Please check our weekly Temple Beth El newsletter for an up-to-date service schedule. Services/Service times may vary due to holidays.

Shabbat Evenings- October through May:
1st Friday of the Month
5:20pm      Preneg
6:00pm      Family Service in the Blumenthal Sanctuary- An interactive and engaging service geared toward grade-school families. All are welcome.
6:00pm      Kabbalat Shabbat in the Archer Chapel- A transformative worship experience to welcome the peace of Shabbat.
7:45pm      Shabbat Dinners Out- We will continue our enthusiastically attended program of congregants gathering at local restaurants and homes to celebrate Shabbat together. See our facebook page for the most current information.
8:00pm      Late at Eight Worship Experience in the Archer Chapel- This intimate Shabbat experience will help foster community and new ways to greet Shabbat. For our first Late at Eight service on October 4th, we will have "Study and Song" with Rabbi Judy and Cantor Bernard.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Fridays of the Month
7:00pm      Community Shabbat- A dynamic worship service designed to engage our entire community.

All services will include an opportunity to say Mi Shebeirach and Mourner's Kaddish.
The last Friday of the month there will be a Community Shabbat Dinner at 6pm open to congregants of every age.
The 2nd Friday of the month from 6:15 to 6:45pm will be our Bereavement Service, starting on October 11th.
The 3rd Friday of the month from 6:15 to 6:45pm will be our Service of Comfort and Healing, starting on October 18th.

Evening Services for Festivals and Special Sabbaths:

7:00 pm
Simchat Torah          
Chanukah Family Service   
Martin Luther King Shabbat                                   

Saturday Mornings:
11:00 am   
All Shabbat mornings, Community Shabbat, and Festival services.

**We want to hear from you about worship at Temple Beth El! Particularly now, in this time of changing service times and evolving worship style, it is critical that we hear from you. We have created a special email address in order to collect all of your wisdom:
worship@beth-el.com. When you write to worship@beth-el.com, tell us what your experience of worship at TBE has been. Think about everything from parking lot to preneg, prayer book to power points – each moment of Shabbat at the synagogue is part of your holistic worship experience. Rather than simply telling us what you love and hate, try to evaluate whether or not a particular service helped you to pray, both individually and communally.

Opportunity for Daily Minyan: 
Do you want to say Kaddish daily for the 30 days of Shloshim after you lose a family member?  Do you want to honor your mother or father for 11 months after their passing and attend a daily Minyan to say Kaddish?  Temple Israel's daily evening minyan has allowed me, as a member of Temple Beth El, to be able to honor my mother after her passing last year.  This was my choice to follow this tradtion. Occasionally, they don't have enough to make a Minyan and will borrow members from on-site meetings.  In the spirit of Shalom Park, I want to make Temple Beth El's membership and any other member of the Charlotte Jewish community (or out of town visitors) aware of the opportunity to fulfill the two questions above.  So, if you also have the desire to follow this traditrion (mitzvah) or wish to say Kaddish on the actual yahrzeit of your family member, Temple Israel will welcome you as they did me.  I still light my yahrzeit candle on the anniversary of my loved one's death and attend services at Temple Beth El on Fridays and say Kaddish then too.
Daily evening minyans at Temple Israel are at 7:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 5:30 PM Saturday and Sunday.  The service lasts around 15 minutes (may be longer based on the time of sunset or holidays).  They post a note if there is a Shiva at someone's home following their loss of a family member.
Feel free to contact me at 704-364-7592 or mfreib@aol.com if you have any questions or comments.  You can also call Temple Israel at 704-362-2796.                                    ......Joe Freiberg