Teaching Our Children

Wherever children are learning, there dwells the Divine Presence.
                                                                            ~Yiddish Proverb

Educating the Jewish youth of Temple Beth El is a journey that begins at the earliest ages.  There are wonderful opportunities for our youngest congregants to learn the beauty of Judaism by entering the Charlotte Jewish Preschool.   The clergy at Temple Beth El takes an active role in helping to establish a foundation of quality Jewish education that is prevalent throughout the school years for the children at Temple Beth El. 

The next stop on the journey is the Temple Beth El Religious School. Students in kindergarten through seventh grade experience a wide variety of educational opportunities throughout their school years. Our students enjoy coming to Religious School and being Jewish. Our teachers are chosen because they are good role models and adults who value and cherish their own Jewish identity. Students learn not only facts and tangible subject matter, but also have the chance to explore their values, identities and feelings.  One of our chief objectives is to help students learn to celebrate their Jewish identity.  

The success of our school is evident as so many of our Jewish teens return to become Madrichim (teacher’s assistants) in our school.  Watching our teens become the role models for our students is a tremendous reward.  Madrichim not only teach but continue to learn in the Consolidated Hebrew High School of Jewish Studies.  This cooperative program between Temple Beth El and Temple Israel provides quality continuing education through confirmation and beyond. 

Jewish education in Charlotte can meet every families needs.  Those interested in a Jewish day school experience will find the highest secular and Jewish educational standards available in any community at the Charlotte Jewish Day School.  Students with special learning and developmental challenges will find weekly Jewish education available through Tikvah Charlotte, our community special needs religious school.  Tikvah Charlotte is a cooperative program sponsored by Temple Beth El, Temple Israel and The Consolidated Hebrew High School of Jewish Studies.  The success of Tikvah Charlotte is made possible through a generous contribution from the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte.

Temple Beth El nurtures the self-esteem of all of our students, as individuals, members of families, communities, our nation, Reform Jews and part of the Jewish people.