Religious School

Second and Third Grade Shabbat

Please RSVP by February 5, 2014, click here.

You are cordially invited to attend the Second and Third Grade Shabbat brunch and service on Saturday morning, February 8, 2014. This is an exciting new change to our grade level Shabbat events. Come and enjoy a relaxed and spiritual Shabbat experience with brunch at 10:00am and services at 11:00am.


Reservations for brunch are a must. You are welcome to come to Shabbat services without attending brunch. The cost of our delicious Shabbat brunch is $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for children 12 and under. Please RSVP by February 5, 2014 by using our reservation email at click here. Reservations will not be taken after 5:00pm on February 5th.


Financial assistance is available for all Religious School events and can be arranged by calling me at 704.749.3045.  This information is strictly confidential. No shows will be billed if the reservation is not cancelled before the RSVP deadline. Please do not leave a reservation after 5:00pm on February 5th.

Religious School Family Shabbat Potluck Dinner - January 31, 2014  

RSVP -Click Here -by Wednesday, January 29, 2014  

The Temple Beth El Religious School Committee cordially invites all Religious School families to join us for a Potluck Shabbat Dinner! There is no cost and no agenda, just a warm gathering to celebrate the beauty of Shabbat together. Religious School will provide the main dish and challah and you will bring the nut- free sides, salads and desserts to share!  This is a great opportunity to come and enjoy Shabbat dinner with old friends and make some new ones.  Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine. Shabbat services begin at 7:00 for those who wish to attend.     

Shabbat Potluck Dinner
Friday, January 31, 2014

5:45 pm in the David Silverman Social Hall
Shabbat Service at 7:00pm to follow dinner
RSVP -Click Here -by Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cost: No cost, just please provide a nut-free dish for 10 to 12 people

Participants whose LAST name starts with:   
A thru G -    Finger food dessert (brownies, cookies, bars, fruit, etc.)
H thru L -   Salad (Bean, Mexican, fruit, cucumber, vegetable, macaroni salad, cold slaw, garden salad, pasta) 
M thru Z -   HOT side dish (vegetable, potato, rice, couscous, etc.)


All dished should be peanut and tree nut free.
If you wish --- B. Y. O.  Wine

Be a Part of the Art! Tile Art  

All Temple Beth El Religious School families are cordially invited to participate in an  opportunity to have their smiling faces become a part of the art on the walls of our great school. Any high-resolution, color picture that can be scanned or e-mailed and is not copyrighted will be reproduced onto a beautiful porcelain tile and affixed to the school walls. There is already an impressive display on the lobby wall. The tiles are 6" x 6" glossy white. The cost of each tile for this permanent display is $72. for the first tile, and $36. for each additional tile. If you purchased a tile in previous years you are eligible for the $36 price. The proceeds from this project will help to provide important extras to enhance our student's education. There is no artwork more precious than the happy faces of our students!  Forms are available in the school office or click here to receive one in an email. 

  TBERS Presents... jewTuBE charlotte's Newest Video!
The jewTuBE charlotte crew has produced and posted their newest video on our secure site. This video features our 6th grade students, teachers and madrichim participating in a Holocaust experiential using role play, photographs, dialogue and writing. Click the link to view the exceptional jewTuBE video; recorded, edited and produced by our outstanding jewTuBE crew.
jewTuBE charlotte is made possible by a generous grant from the URJ.
URJ logo jewTuBE                     jewTuBE


"Wherever children are learning, there dwells the Divine Presence"

...Yiddish Proverb


Our school curriculm is based on the premise that we who call ourselves Reform Jews should be proud of our heritage as Jews, as well as the unique perspectives of the Reform movement.  We nurture the self-esteem of our students as individuals, members of families, communities, our nation, and as Reform Jews and part of the Jewish people. 

Students in grades K-2 attend Religious School on Sunday mornings, grade 3-6 attend either Monday or Wednesday and Sunday and 7th (Sheva) graders meet Monday or Wednesday and one Saturday per month.  B’nei Mitzvah students meet weekly with the Cantor and student tutors for five months before the event.
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Grades Eighth-Twelfth
The Consolidated Hebrew High School of Jewish Studies is a joint venture of Temple Beth El and Temple Israel. It is the primary institution of higher learning in our community for teenagers in grades 8-12. After three years of study in the Consolidated High School, a student will be confirmed at the end of the tenth grade. Students then continue in Post-Confirmation classes. Hebrew High meets on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00 PM.


Temple Beth El Religious School CURRICULUM Overview

Temple Beth El Religious School incorporates the URJ Chai Curriculum as part of our comprehensive approach to Jewish Education.


Giborim – Mensches in Training

Main Topics ofstudy: Heroes, Holidays in the Home

Heroes – Who are some Jewish heroes? What makes them a hero? What did they do that I can do in my life? Who are some Biblical heroes?Who are some modern heroes? Mensches-in-Training – What is a mensch?What mitzvot can I do to become a mensch? Holidays – Who are the heroes associated with each holiday?


Sofrim –Writers of the Torah

Main Topics: Torah, Israel

Torah – What is our history from Genesis through Deuteronomy? What does the Torah teach us about being Jewish? Why is the Torah important to the Jewish people? Holidays – How does the Torah tell us to celebrate the holidays? Which Bible stories are connected with the holiday we are celebrating?


Chaverim — Friends

Main Topics of study: Community

Torah—How did the Israelites become a community?How can we use the lessons in the Torah to live better lives? Synagogue—How does the Torah make our synagogue a holy place?How do we become a part of our synagogue community?How does our community pray? God—How does our community view God? Holidays—How do we celebrate the holidays as a community?What is the connection between the holiday and God?


Tzadikim – Righteous Ones

Main Topics: Jewish Values, Life Cycle

Values – What are some of the Jewish values?What are the Hebrew words for those values? How can we bring those values into our lives? Life Cycle – What are the Jewish life cycle events? What are the Jewish values associated with each life cycle event? Holidays – What are the Jewish values associated with each holiday? Introduction to Hebrew language –Alef-Bet.


Neviim – Prophets Main Topics: Prophets, God, Personal Prayerbooks

Prophets – Who are the prophets? When did they live? What did they teach? How do their teachings apply to life today?God – Where do we see God in the world? What does God teach us about living our lives? Beginning Hebrew prayers.


Shoreshim – Connecting to our Roots

Main Topics: Jewish history through a study of notable personalities and events

History – How did history create the Judaism we know today?What are the roots of the Reform movement and how has it changed?What did each person contribute to history?What qualities did these people give to the Jewish people?What part of their life can we relate to and learn from? Holidays – What point in history did each holiday emerge? What was the original purpose of the holiday? Comparative Religion- Introduction to Christianity and Islam.Study of Hebrew prayer continues.


Chalutzim – Pioneers

Main Topics: Holocaust and Israel

Israel – What is our personal connection to Israel? What makes Israel unique? What is our historical relationship to Israel?What are the conflicts there? What are our hopes and dreams for the land? What role does the Reform Movement play in Israel today?Holocaust – How did Jews both in Europe and around the world react to the Holocaust? How did the Holocaust change the Jewish people in Israel and in the Diaspora? Study of Hebrew prayer continues and introduction to B'nei Mitzvah trope and studies.


Hineini – Here I am

Al HaTorah - What I Believe as a Reform Jew?Al Ha-Avodah A Walk Through the Prayerbook.

Al G'milut Chasadim – Judaism & Action. My Jewish Identity & World

The Sheva curriculum enables our B'nei Mitzvah class to explore their Jewish identity as they enter Jewish adulthood. Sheva students will study the mitzvot (commandments), prayers, and the Jewish world with an eye toward enabling students to make informed choices about their own Jewish lives.

SPECIALTIES AND T'FILA - All grades have the opportunity to participate in several special class programs throughout the school year, such as, grade experiential, music and art. Kindergarten through second grade will attend t'filah (prayer service) each Sunday morning.Third through seventh grade students attend t'filah every other Hebrew week from 5:45-6:15pm. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend t'filah with their child/children whenever they choose.Several times during the year all the students will attend assemblies, experiential events, or other learning opportunities.

Religious School Schedule

Kindergarten through 6th grade

* Early session -  8:30 AM to 10:30 AM
* Late session - 11:00 AM. to 1:00 PM.

7th Grade Sheva Program:
Our seventh graders take part in an exciting program called Sheva, consisting of two components:

* Selected Saturday mornings
* Monday/Wednesday Hebrew school

Grades 8 - 12  
Consolidated Hebrew High School of Jewish Studies
Hebrew School Schedule

Grades 3 - 7: 
Monday or Wednesday
4:45 PM to 6:15 PM.

Class locations: 
* Bobbi and Don Bernstein Education Building at Shalom Park