Community Relations

In Our Own Backyard

Temple Beth El is proud to participate in the In Our Own Backyard teen interfaith experience, sponsored by Mecklenburg Ministries. The program brought together young people from all backgrounds to explore social issues in Charlotte and explore each other's religious traditions, including visits to various houses of worship. The group visited Temple Beth El for Friday night services.  For more information about the program, click here.

Cantor Bernard stands alongside the In Our Own Backyard participants after they experienced an exciting Temple Beth El Shabbat Service.

Cantor Bernard points out and explains important scripture in the Torah to IOOBY participants.

Cantor Bernard demonstrates the important use of a Yad (ritual pointer) to IOOBY participants after explaining the significance of the Torah.  

Youth Engagement Director, Andy Harkavy (center), greets and hangs out with participants.

Temple Beth El and JCSU Launch Rabin-King Initiative in the Queen City
Monday, April 12, 2010

Mazel Tov...

In acknowledgment of the outstanding work that Sid Sussman has done with Mecklenburg Ministries, and as co-chair of our Community Relations Committee, he has been awarded with the Mecklenburg Ministries Bridge Builder Award.


Temple Beth El takes pride in its active role in the Charlotte interfaith and broader community.  Our Temple was selected by Mecklenburg Ministries as the 2008 Interfaith Congregation of the Year.  We have a vibrant Community Relations Committee that is dedicated to providing forums for the exploration of different religions, through a variety of educational programs.  As we learn about other faiths, we educate the broader community about our own.

COMPARATIVE RELIGION SERIES - The Community Relations Committee sponsors an annual Comparative Religion Series which runs on Tuesdays in the winter and draws upwards of 200 people each week to learn about Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many more faiths and their respective views on pertinent issues in the our lives and in the world today. 

MYERS PARK BAPTIST CHURCH DIALOGUES - Beginning in 1996, this Christian-Jewish Dialogue has been a collaborative effort between Myers Park Baptist Church and Temple Beth El, striving to foster mutual study and conversation on topics of interest to our faith communities and to the community at large. Through the past twelve years, many internationally renowned Biblical scholars have participated in our dialogue and in the past two years, our conversation has broadened to include Masjid Ash Shahhed, a local mosque.

SPEAKERS BUREAU - As one ascends our Ladders of Learning educational program, one becomes not only a proficient student of Judaism but a teacher as well. Many of our congregants participate in this program by lecturing to school classes, church groups, senior homes and more about the Jewish faith.

CHURCH VISITS - Temple Beth El has wonderful relationships with an abundance of religious houses of worship in our community. From visits to African American churches on Martin Luther King weekend, to visits to Myers Park Baptist when our clergy speak at services there, to simply visiting other house of faith as Beth El representatives, you can help to build Beth El's bridges to the community beyond.