• Spring Kallah 2015 at Temple Beth El

    Welcome Teens!

    We are honored to be hosting Spring Kallah this weekend, April 24-26! Join over 300 teens from our region as they worship, learn and socialize together!
  • Worship With Us!

    Traditional. Alternative. Music. Family. Check out our worship experiences. Service choices for everyone!
  • Mitzvah Day 2015 at Temple Beth El

    Mitzvah Day 2015

    Volunteer your time and be a Mitzvah Maker!
  • Holidays Are A Special Time At Temple Beth El

    We hope you will join us for upcoming holiday celebrations!

Friday, April 24th

7:00 pm Youth-Led Shabbat Service

Saturday, April 25th

11:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship/ B'nei Mitzvah of Alexandra Lawrence & Jonathan Yass
10 Minute Torah

The Torah In Haiku: Tazria / M'tzora





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